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June, 2021,  Dr Zhen LIU received the Andrew Sass-Kortsak Award for 2021 and presented at The Hospital for Sick                                     Children 

Sep, 2021, Dr Zhen LIU started a faculty position at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Sep, 2021, Miss Hanchao Feng from ShanghaiTech University joined the lab.

Feb, 2022, Miss Qian Wang from Nankai University joined the lab.

June, 2022, Liu lab got funded by the Research Grant Council Early Career Scheme.

Sep, 2022, Linhan Zhang, Chen Zhang and Yuenling Lam joined the lab.

Jan, 2023, Liu lab was supported by the VPRDO equipment grant.

Feb, 2023, Yang Wu from Zhejiang University joined the lab.

March, 2023, Liu lab was relocated to the newly renovated open lab space.

April, 2023,  Zhen, Qian and Hanchao  participated in the ciliopathy conference held in Hangzhou

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